Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's the Point?

1. Some of the solutions I came up with interpreted what's the point literally and figuratively. Figurative answers I came up with had to do with the earth and the planet and things I thought were the point of life etc. Ideas for me that were more literal were things like shoes, anchors, pencils... Things that literally had points.
2. I chose to do a shoe because I very much enjoy material things and I thought a shoe was a good way to express myself... I chose a high heel because it has a literal point :)
3. I showed contrast by using different shades of pencil next to each other in my picture.
4. I used pencil because it is a good way to show contrast by using different pencil techniques and darkness of your pencil.
5. I used cross hatching and hatching to make my picture look real.
6. I took risks in this picture because I picked a topic to draw that wasn't as easy as so of my other ideas.
7. The message of my picture is kind of that materialism is superficial, kind of an ironic what's the point.