Friday, November 15, 2013

Sticky situation

Sticky situation 
1. I thought of ideas that were both physically  and figuratively sticky. I picked a wall with wet paint because it was literally sticky.
2. I think my idea was out of the box because it wasn't necessarily a had sticky situation but it is supposed to portray the wet paint being sticky as well as graffiti being somewhat of a sticky situation because it is illegal.
3. My rhythm and pattern is incorporated in the rays of the sun 
4. My choice of media was acrylic. It wasn't very difficult because I have a lot of practice with acrylic paint 
5. The mini lessons helped a lot with technique of painting 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


1. I chose to do myself because I thought it would be interesting to myself and would be easier because I know all the different parts of my face and body.
2. I chose paint samples because I wanted to capture the colors of the picture but I wanted things to not be perfect looking and a little choppy so it looked better from a distance than up close.
3. I took risks buy using a material I had never used before and by going with the flow in my project and not mapping out colors or anything, just doing what I thought looked right.
4. I'm glad I chose not to map out the colors and just kind of put different samples in different places because by the end of the project you can tell the media but you can still understand what the picture is of. My material represented me because paint samples are all about colors and I am very colorful :))))

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Up close and Personal

1. I picked ideas that made me think of up close and personal. I started to think about those pictures in national geographic where there are super zoomed in pictures and you have to try to guess what it is. I ultimately picked fruit because I thought it was such a cool thing to look at closely.
2. I used emphasis by dramaticizing the colors of the kiwi and the pattern of the inside. The kiwi by itself is the only subject on the page.
3. I picked colored pencils because I thought they would be the best way to show details of the kiwi and I thought they would later well.
4. I took risks by using soft colored pencils which I had never done before. I also tried to make the kiwi look more dramatic.
5. I used medium and concept 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's the Point?

1. Some of the solutions I came up with interpreted what's the point literally and figuratively. Figurative answers I came up with had to do with the earth and the planet and things I thought were the point of life etc. Ideas for me that were more literal were things like shoes, anchors, pencils... Things that literally had points.
2. I chose to do a shoe because I very much enjoy material things and I thought a shoe was a good way to express myself... I chose a high heel because it has a literal point :)
3. I showed contrast by using different shades of pencil next to each other in my picture.
4. I used pencil because it is a good way to show contrast by using different pencil techniques and darkness of your pencil.
5. I used cross hatching and hatching to make my picture look real.
6. I took risks in this picture because I picked a topic to draw that wasn't as easy as so of my other ideas.
7. The message of my picture is kind of that materialism is superficial, kind of an ironic what's the point.